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Trip Date:
17 - 31 MAY 2024
1- 14 OCTOBER 2024

Total Tour Time: 15  Days

The trip starts İSTANBUL


 Turkey has rich history, stunning natural beauty and heritage between East and West and thus, It has a different atmosphere with popular holiday destinations, endless enchanting Mediterranean, Black Sea coves and motorcycle routes. It is one of the leading natural, historical and cultural centers in the world with its cultural festivals, travel opportunities and many other great advantages. We set out to discover the famous Anatolian hospitality, unique culture, incredibly delicious local food and much more! Are you ready to look to Turkey from a different perspective?

Our tour plan

May 16th

We are meeting in Istanbul Karakoy, Dinner and Information meeting on the Bosphorus

We depart at 09;00 o'clock in the morning of May 17th.




  • Lake of IZNIK
  • The ancient city of AIZANOI, where we will see the best preserved temple of Zeus in the world
  • PAMUKKALE, which is included in the UNESCO world heritage list and is considered one of the seven wonders of the world
  • Forming the southern border of the Anatolian peninsula
  • Mediterranean bays as the great thinker Foucault said (Dreams Shop).
  • Historical LYCIAN Way
  • Examples of Anatolian civil architecture, the most beautiful villages.
  • Our crossing of the Taurus mountains, whose peaks reach up to 4000 meters
  • Lake region
  • The Mediterranean coastal route and extraordinary curves and landscapes
  • Mesopotamia, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, is referred to in some sources as the cradle of civilizations.. Due to its fertile soils and favorable climatic conditions, it has been the scene of settlement since ancient times and has been home to many cultures.
  • Many civilizations have developed in the region where the first known literate communities lived.
  • Mesopotamia is the place where the oldest and largest civilizations such as Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Akkadian and Elam were born and developed.
  • It is known as the region where the first money was printed, the first state structures appeared and the first writing was used.
  • Hasankeyf village in southeastern Anatolia, Çayönü (Diyarbakır, Turkey) and Göbekli Tepe (Şanlıurfa)
  • The ancient city of DARA of the Neolithic period stands out in Mesopotamian settlements.
  • NEMRUT MOUNTAIN Mount Nemrut national park
  • And
  • CAPPADOCIA 1day Free time
  • Today we will take you on a unique journey.
  • CAPPADOCIA; Located in the heart of the country of Turkey, this unique region of the world is famous for its fairy chimneys.
  • Cappadocia, with its geological layers formed over millions of years, drags you to another world with its fascinating landscapes and historical cities!
  • Special attractions
  • Fascinating Anatolian tastes
  • Enjoyable and Welcoming accommodation places
  • Returning to CAPPADOCIA

Experienced, friendly and reliable road captain @borsesc Turkey's Undiscovered most beautiful motorcycle roads from popular locations, Natural History and you will discover the cultural beauty, we ride motorcycles accompanied by extraordinary landscapes, unforgettable moments hoarded we delightful and offer a travel exciting.


  • Tour Character: Motorcycle Ride and Cultural Trip
  • Road Character: 99 % Asphalt road
  • Rider level: Medium to high level driving experience
  • Total time / distance
  • Istanbul Start and Finish
  • 15 Days / 3350 km- 2100 miles / 44hours riding
  • 12 Day riding 3 Days Free time and Trips
  • Daily ; 250/ 350 km of tracks per day 3 / 6 hours average driving
  • Maximum Group; 8 Rider +1 motorcycle tour guide
  • BORAES ADVENTURE Style single-guided trip.
  • In accordance with the seasonal conditions, participation with technical equipment is mandatory.
  • Accommodation: 15 nights in a hygienic and comfortable boutique hotels accommodation (Single room)
  • Eat; the most decent and delicious restaurant of the region
  • Turkey obliged to comply with the traffic rules!

Note ; rider of the road captain,

Tracks can also rotate according to weather and road conditions!

Service Pricing:

Rider: € 2550
Rider, passenger: € 3600

* % 35 Pre-pay is required for registration and booking
For cancellations made 60 days before, the prepayment will be refunded unconditionally!

Motorcycle Rentals: 15 Days
Suzuki V Strom XT 650 € 1500
Honda Africa twin Crf 1000 DCT € 1725
BMW F 800 GS ADV € 1725
BMW 1200 GS € 1725
Yamaha Tenere 700 € 1650
Note; The motorcycles have 3 bags, a Phone carrier and a charging adapter!
There is a traffic insurance in Turkey !
The rental agreement is made !
A deposit of € 1500 in cash and payable by Credit card is required!

Bank information:

Hüdaverdi Cavlak
Ziraat Bank / Turkey
Başmakçı Branch
786 -87283157-5005 / 5003 / 5004
Swift code: TC ZB TR 2 A
Iban number ;

TR 6900 0100 0786 8728 3157 5005 TL

TR 2600 0100 0786 8728 3157 5003  $

TR  9600 0100 0786 8728 3157 5004  €


  • Organization, Route information
  • Private Guidance service
  • Airport transfer
  • Domestic flight tickets
  • Cappadocia- Istanbul
  • Domestic motorcycle transfers!
  • 15 nights Hotel Accommodation
  • 3/4/5 and Boutique hotels (single room)
  • Welcome dinner in BOSHPHOURS
  • Breakfast and dinner. Seasonal fruits and salads are provided, locals pecialties.
  • All bottled drinking water.
  • Taxi and parking
  • Our Boraes Adventure gift set
  • Tour Photos and videos @boraesc


  • Anything not specified as included.
  • Extra and personal expenses.
  • Motorcycle and Fuel
  • Lunch and snacs
  • Bridge and highway tolls
  • Museum and Ancient city entrances
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages and mini bar
  • Balloon, Paragloding special activities


25 years and older, Valid motorcycle license or International driver's license, Minimum one year riding experience on heavy motorcycles,

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, HELMET AND GLOVES must be worn during the tour.

Those who have any health problems, high blood pressure, heart diseases, asthma, muscle, joint disorders, epilepsy or diseases defined as an obstacle to participating in serious physical activities by health institutions should report this situation to BORAES  MOTOCYCLE TOURS  before the tour.  Health problems and expenses during the tour belong to the participant

Each participant accepts and declares that they do not have a dangerous disease to participate in the tour.

Videos and photos taken during the tour! Moto Tours turkey will be used for travel diary and promotional purposes on social media and web pages! Our guests who do not want their photos to be shared, please provide information before the tour!


  • It is very difficult to plan a comprehensive trip without professional support.
  • Travel with a safe and friendly Turkey's most beautiful bike paths and attractions, along with Bora.
  • An experienced, professional guide with unmatched route and regional knowledge.
  • We will guide you with a special approach in every step of the journey process, so rest assured.
  • A trip planned for you, beyond boring tours, specially designed motorcycle routes for the participants.

Boraes Motorcycle Tours and Rentals Turkey

Bora H. Cavlak

 📞90 532 7182981


Karakoy / Istanbul / Turkey







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