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Silk Road Motorcycle Tour Turkey and Iran

Self-Guided And Private Tours
February 12, 2021
Turkey Experience Motorcycle Tour
February 12, 2021



The trip starts and ends in Istanbul. Silk Road, which has been used as a trade route throughout history, has been a route followed by scholars and travelers. it has been a way of transmitting the different cultures and cultural experiences of ideas, religions and armies. This work on the Silk Road was given by German geographer Ferdinand Von Richthofen. The reason for this name is the silk trade between China and the Middle East. The route of the Silk Road in the world reaches Mesopotamia through Central Asia and Iran. It is the road connecting Antakya and Sür Harbor on the Mediterranean coast from here. This route is VII before Christ. The part extending from Mesopotamia to Hamadan is mentioned on a cuneiform tablet belonging to the century.

Getting together on 4 SEPTEMBER and a delicious dinner at the Bosphorus, Istanbul! 5 SEPTEMBER l, let the journey begin.




 We will start from Istanbul, which is the border of Asia and Europe, we will follow the historical paths with the Northern Anatolia route, respectively AMASYA, our world-famous Dark Canyon pass and the Magnificent Mount Ararat tour.



IRANIAN An ancient culture!
Magnificent Iranian Geography
Natural History and Cultural beauties
Fascinating Persian civilization centers
With its extraordinary culture, geological beauties, the Northern mountains and the villages where we will see the best examples of Classical Persian architecture
LUT desert passage from one of the hottest deserts in the world
Mystical Iranian cities ISFEHAN, SHIRAZ, YAZD,
With his poems Hafız, Sadi and Firdevsi gardens where we can rest our souls
With its magnificent motorcycle routes and sightseeing routes
We are completing our TRANS PERSIA Motorcycle trip at TABRIZ and
We're entering Turkey border gate Esendere.

MESOPOTAMIA Cradle of the civilizations where the first writing appeared, an ancient geography where the first money was printed and the first state structures were seen.
Mardin city trip
Göbekli Tepe, the turning point in human history
Taurus mountains and very special trails, wonderful views, high mountain passes.
Mount of God Kings, Mount Nemrut Unesco World Heritage List
Wonder of the World, fascinating formations with its geological structure formed by volcanic rocks for millions of years. We spare 2 nights and 1 full day to Cappadocia and we end our trip in Istanbul with very special motorcycle routes.
Goodbye dinner to see you again and drive.




Tour Character; Singel guidance, Explore, Adventure motorcycle Ride and Cultural Trip
Road Character; 99 % Asphalt road
Rider level; middle and upper experience
Total time / distance
25 days / 7800 km / 92 hours
20 DAYS Riding / 5 Days relax and city trips
Dailiy Riding 250 / 500 km - 4 / 6 Hour
Maximum group 6 Riders +1 Tour guided

Highlights: Istanbul, AMASYA CITY,, URARTU cities, ZAGROS MOUNTS, , SUSTER, Shiraz PERSOPOLIS, YAZD CITY, ESFEHAN, LUT DESERT, TABRIZ bazaar, CILO MOUNT, MARDIN CITY, NEMRUT MOUNT, Taurus Mountains, the volcanic and fantastic region of CAPPADOCIA Known Tourism centers and Unknown with extraordinary natural, historical and cultural beauty that you will discover with us, Different Architectural and cultural Anatolian and Iranian villages, Local Anatolian and Iranian dishes are the most special places.

Accommodation: Fabulous hotels and charming boutique hotels Service Pricing Turkey and Iran

Service Pricing

Rider; .€ 2975
Rider, passenger; € 3975
Paying 1000 € in advance is required for Registration and Booking

For cancellations before 45 Days, an unconditional refund will be made!

Bank information:


Hicran Cavlak
Ziraat Bank / Turkey
Başmakçı Branch
786 -6733326-5003
Swift code: TC ZB TR 2 A
Iban number ;
TR 62 0001 0007 8606 7333 2650 01 TL
TR 78 0001 0007 8606 7333 2650 03 $
TR 78 0001 0007 8606 7333 2650 04 €



*Anything not mentioned as included.
* Organization, Route information
* Private Motorcycle Guidance service
* Local guidance service
* 25 nights Hotel Accommodation
3/4/5* and Boutique hotels (single room)
*Welcome dinner in Istanbul Bosphorus and farewell dinner in Cappadocia
*All meals. Breakfast and dinner. Seasonal fruits and salads are provided, locals pecialties.
*Turkcell and Irancell SIM card containing 5 GB of data.
*All bottled drinking water.
* Taxi and parking
* Iran mandatory Traffic insurance
* Overseas Exit Fee Turkey
* Our Boraes Adventure gift set
* Photo and video shoots throughout the genre


*Everything not mentioned as included!
* Extra and personal expenses.
* Motorcycle and Fuel
* Personal travel insurance, luggage insurance
* Lunch and snacs
* Museum and Ancient city entrances
* Customs costs and Petrol tax of 30 € at the exit from Iran
* Alcoholic beverages
* Sipecial active Baloon, Jeep Tour Vs.
*Motorcycle and Passenger transfers that may occur in Turkey and Iran
*Hospital and treatment expenses that may occur in Turkey and Iran



* Visa: Please check if you want a visa from your country
* International Driving License
* CPD (Carnet de Passages en Douane) certificate Please Check!



30 years and older, Valid motorcycle license or International driver's license,
Minimum one year riding experience on heavy motorcycles,
PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, HELMET AND GLOVES must be worn during the tour.
Those who have any health problems, high blood pressure, heart diseases, asthma, muscle, joint disorders, epilepsy or diseases defined as an obstacle to participating in serious physical activities by health institutions should report this situation to BORAES MOTOCYCLE TOURS before the tour. Health problems and expenses during the tour belong to the participant
Each participant accepts and declares that they do not have a dangerous disease to participate in the tour.


BORAES MOTOCYCLE TOUR TURKEY based in Turkey and Iran covering most exclusive motorcycle routes and sights, we strive to provide guidance and motorcycle trips organization services. Since 2013, Turkey is a part of the long road motorcycle tour industry. We prepare personal travel plans for our guests in line with their preferences.Our job is more than making travel plans.

Our main job is to help you collect exciting unforgettable experiences and memories with @BORAESC, our friendly and reliable Comrade captain who knows the area with our motto "RIDE TO EXPLORE


Boraes Motorcycle Tours Turkey
Bora H. Cavlak
📞90 532 7182981
Göktürk / Istanbul / Turkey








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